Organic Chandelier

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Unique, one of a kind wall art, guaranteed to brighten your day :)

Made with real laminated ferns and spotted plants that are light as a feather! Hardware is gold plated. 

The piece currently hangs about 18" long but can be adjusted if needed. Please email me if you have questions about adjustments!




Product Care Instructions:

  • Store out of direct light! The fruit, plants, and other natural items that I use for my pieces can become less colorful if left in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

  • When not wearing your jewelry, prevent tarnish by keeping it in a closed container like a small baggie or a jewelry box.

  • Try to keep pieces dry. They are water resistant, and will survive mist and light rain, but don’t let the pieces get soaked or submerged in water!

  • Laminated pieces are delicate. Do not bend.