Product Care

Epoxy Resin Care

  • Store resin pieces out of direct light! The fruit, plants, and other items that I use for my jewelry can become less colorful if left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Also, while I use UV resistant resin, if it is left in direct sunlight for long periods of time, the resin might start to yellow.
  •  Unlike other epoxy resins on the market, the resin I use, EcoPoxy uses bio content without the use of toxic organic compounds or heavy metals. That being said, it is only safe for incidental food contact, and Maddy Sprout pieces should not be treated like dishware. 
  • If you have to wash them, use either a damp rag or napkin, or wash with cold to warm water and a non abrasive sponge.

Jewelry Care
  • When not wearing your jewelry, prevent hardware tarnish by keeping it in a closed container like a small baggie or a jewelry box.
  • Try to keep jewelry pieces dry. Everything I make is water resistant, and will survive situations like mist and light rain, but don’t let the pieces get soaked or submerged in water!
  • Some of my resin pieces are more fragile than others. If you have any questions about specific care of your jewelry after you receive it, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Laminated Jewelry Care

  • Do not bend laminated pieces. These pieces are meant to be very delicate and lightweight and will crease if bent.


If you have any other questions about product care, please email!