Wealth Redistribution at Maddy Sprout

Wealth Redistribution at Maddy Sprout

Each month, I donate 15% of my profits to an organization or mutual aid network led by Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latine, or other Colonized Peoples. I do this because, as a white person, I understand the privilege that being white in the US affords me. I support the US movement for reparations, and while I understand that it is a national call for the government to redistribute wealth and power, I also think that white people should be doing what they can to redistribute wealth on an individual level. Maddy Sprout is a sole proprietorship, meaning no one else is tied to the business. When I donate 15% of the profits from Maddy Sprout, it is as a personal form of wealth redistribution.

I calculate Maddy Sprout's profits by taking the amount that I make in sales and subtracting the amount that I spend on operating the business and producing products. Often when businesses start out, they are not profitable for months to years. At Maddy Sprout, there have been some months since I started where I have not been profitable. This means I am not able to donate those months because my profits are at or below zero. As Maddy Sprout grows, the goal is obviously to be profitable on a monthly basis, and with that business growth, the donations will grow as well. I am committed to continuing these donations as long as I am in business, and I hope that I can afford to raise the percentage amount at some point. This is a long term commitment that I am making in order to help shape the more equitable world I want to see. 

You can find updated information about Maddy Sprout's donations along with  blurbs about every organization I have donated to on this page!  

If you have any questions about my donation process, or if you have suggestions/improvements for me, please don't hesitate to reach out to maddysproutdesigns@gmail.com or comment below! I will always be open to feedback!


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