Hey there, I'm the Maddy behind Maddy Sprout!

Hey there, I'm the Maddy behind Maddy Sprout!

Maddy here, my pronouns are They/Them. I'm the owner and maker behind Maddy Sprout. I have been making things and creating art for as long as I can remember. I was 10 years old when I first sold jewelry in a public space, and I have had a fascination with creating wearable art ever since then. I am a neurodivergent person who has struggled with various mental health disorders throughout my life, and I have always used my creativity to cope, grow, learn, and heal. It makes me incredibly proud that I am able to share my art with the world through Maddy Sprout, and it makes me feel incredibly humble that you would choose to support my ongoing journey as an artist. ♥

I have ADHD, which is a way more complicated and diverse disorder than most people understand. My ADHD is very connected to my art practices and it metabolizes by creating a lot of spontaneity in me. Because of that, my art practices are always changing and growing and I have an unsatisfiable need to experiment.

I have extensive experience in visual arts like film and photography. I have a degree in cinema, and worked in the film industry straight out of college before founding Maddy Sprout. I love to write, work with clay and paint, and make collages and sculptures; but after years of experimentation with many mediums, I found resin, and fell in love with the endless opportunity the material provided me with. 

Maddy, with rose gold tones hair and rosey cheeks sits in a chair with their cat Lady on their lap. Maddy is holding two full paper bags around Lady. Lady and Maddy Look at each other. Maddy has a huge smile on their face.

For the last year, I have been creating wearable art and home goods mostly made from natural items encased in resin. I grew up in Sonoma County, CA, surrounded by lots of nature. My mom is a plant obsessed gardener and interior designer. She sparked my interest in the natural world at a young age, and as I grew older, that interest became an obsession. I have been pressing wildflowers and stuffing pretty rocks into my pockets my whole life. I have always had collections of dead and living plants in my living spaces, and surrounded myself with all sorts of treasures from the outside world. I sometimes think that all of that collecting was just me trying to find a way to incorporate nature into my art. 

On any day you might find me making earrings with oranges, necklaces with strawberries, or candle holders decorated with flowers. I’m constantly daydreaming about how I can make a new plant I collected into a wearable item. I get so much joy from being able to wear limes on my ears or a flower on my finger, and Maddy Sprout is all about spreading that joy onto others. I want to give my customers the opportunity to decorate themselves and their spaces with nature the way that I always have. ツ

My art is made with love and intention. I am always thinking about how my pieces will make my customers feel. When you decorate yourself or your space with a Maddy Sprout piece, I hope you get that kick of dopamine that humans get when we feel connected to nature. I hope my pieces make you think about your favorite flower, or the prettiest sunset you've ever seen, or your favorite spot to bask in the sun, or the best bite of fruit you've ever tasted. I truly hope my pieces make your day a little brighter! ☼

Thanks for being here!

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